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Felipe Rubio

Felipe Rubio

Freie Universität Berlin

Instituto de Estudios Latinoamericanos


Boltzmannstr. 4
14195 Berlin


Transnational and Translocal Migration, Latin America, East Asia, Globalization, Global Politics, Urban Studies, Nationalism, Methods


2013-2015 Postdoctoral Fellow, Freie Universität Berlin Chinese Translocal Migration to Lima, Peru and community formations, 1849-present

01-04/2015 Visiting Scholar, Peruvian Studies Institute Ethnographic study on Chinese-Peruvian communities in Lima, Peru

09-12/2014 Visiting Scholar, University of Hong Kong Archival work on Chinese migrations to Peru and Latin America

2008-2012 Doctoral Candidate, University of Leipzig Contemporary Peruvian Transnational migration to Madrid, Spain

In Progress Reshaping Urban Spaces: An Ethnography of Peruvians in Madrid. University
of Toronto Press

Edited Volumes
2015 Migrant Networks: Peruvian Women (Re)Shaping Social Spaces in Madrid. In Engendering Transnational Voices: Studies in Family, Work, and Identities, edited by G. Man and R. Cohen. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.
2010 Appadurai. In Theoretiker der Globalisierung (Key Thinkers on Globalization), edited by M. Middell and U. Engel. Leipzig: University of Leipzig Press.
Forthcoming Chinese Migration to Peru, 1849-1900: An Introduction. In La Gravitación de China para las Políticas de Desarrollo en América Latina, edited by P. Arostica and R. Cornejo. Mexico City: Random House Mondadori.
Forthcoming Chinese Migration to Peru and the Development of Translocal Social Networks. In Overseas Chinese in Latin America: Contemporary Mobility and New Identities, edited by R. Silva. Brill.

2015 Shifting Spaces: A Peruvian Family's Negotiations with Translocality(ies). Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies/Revue canadienne des etudes latino-américaines et caraïbes, Vol. 40, No. 2, pp. 258-273.
In progress Urban Nationalisms: Peruvians and the Contesting of Social Spaces in Contemporary Madrid. To be submitted to Social Identities.
In progress Chinese-Peruvian Translocal Networks. To be submitted to Global Networks.

Reports (non-peer reviewed)
2004 Rubio, Felipe, Soni Dashomapatra, and Carolyn Goosen. Social Audit on the Hispanic, Asian, and Chinese Communities. Toronto: Alternative Planning Group.
2004 Social Inclusion: An Analysis of the Latin American Community in Toronto. Toronto: Alternative Planning Group.