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Gustavo Bonifaz Moreno


Political Scientist


2010 - 2015          



Department of Government

MPhil/PhD in Political Science

Thesis Title:The Gap Between Legality and Legitimacy within the Bolivian State Crisis (2000-2008): An analysis in Regional and Historical Perspective



 2006 - 2007              




Department of Government

MSc Comparative Politics (Latin America), with Merit

Dissertation: The Gap Between Legality and Legitimacy in Bolivia and Ecuador



2000 - 2005          





Faculty of Political Science

Bachelor in Political Science (International Relations Stream)

Thesis Title: “The gap between legality and legitimacy and its relation with the Bolivian socio-political conflict (2000-2005)”






UNIVERSIDAD CATOLICA BOLIVIANA                                       

Faculty of Law

Bachelor in Laws

Thesis Title: “The need of a regulatory Framework of National Dialogue towards a Legitimate   Socio-Political Consensus”



Feb-Dec 2020






National research coordinator, International IDEA, Bolivia Office, La Paz

Lead Researcher: Impacts of the COVID19 Pandemic on the State of Bolivian Democracy, and related Risks and Opportunities. A mixed methodology research (Website and forthcoming report), based on 205 surveys amongst civil society leaders, 21 semi-structured interviews with decision makers in sub-national governments, and 26 semi-structured interviews with experts and 10 deliberative focus groups in five Bolivian departments.



Mar-Dec 2019


Senior Research Consultant: Campden Research, London

Lead Researcher: Global Trends in Family Philanthropy and Time Horizon Strategies, 2019. A mixed methodology report based on 201 surveys and 29 semi-structured interviews with Ultra High net Worth Philanthropists from 28 countries.

Senior Contributor (Geo-political and social macro-trends): The Global Family Office Report 2019. A mixed methodology report based on 360 surveys and 20 semi-structured interviews with Family Offices from 37 countries.





Senior Account Executive/Researcher, Edelman (Intelligence,) London

Researcher: Global thought leadership pieces, including Aurora’s Humanitarian Index, Innovation Barometer

Lead researcher: Edelman Edge, market analysis model of the policy environment in 35 countries, based on socioeconomic, political and cultural factors (for international clients)

Member of the Global Policy Team in charge of designing and interpreting the 2017 Trust Barometer: A global survey in 28 countries measuring the state of trust in institutions and the rise of populism across the globe, presented at the World Economic Forum



2012 - 2013


Specialist/Consultant, FES-ILDIS/UNDP/International IDEA/FBDM in coordination with the Bolivian Electoral Supreme Tribunal

Advising on the elaboration of a draft Political Organizations Law in Bolivia



2007- 2010


Project Coordinator, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung- Latin American Institute for Social Research (FES-ILDIS),aGerman Political Foundation that works on the promotion and consolidation of democracy with social justice around the world)    

Creating, consolidating and coordinating a stable group of young professionals and politicians to deliberate the agenda of democracy and development in Bolivia.                                                                                              




Consultant, UNIR Bolivia Foundation (Bolivian Foundation dedicated to promote Democracy, Dialogue and Deliberation)

Consulting on socio-political and conflict analysis (Bolivia and Latin America)




2018 to date




Country specialist/contributor, Freedom House

In charge of the country report for Bolivia: Freedom in the World Report> 2019, 2020, 202


Region Contributor, The Economist Intelligence Unit, London

Delivering forecast analysis on the Central Andean countries: Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru



With Faguet, J.P. and Zuazo, M. (eds), Democratisation and Decentralisation in Bolivia: The Story of the Weak State, the Rebel Society and the crave for Democracy (2012), La Paz: FES-ILDIS.

With Lünstedt Tapia, C., The Impacts of Globalisation in the Bolivian State Transition (2011),La Paz: FES-ILDIS.


Book chapters

With Gray Molina, G.,The Bolivian Constitutional Transition and its Territorial Cleavages’ (2019)  in: ‘Power and Territory in Constitutional Transitions’, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

‘Between Legitimation and Decentralisation. Explaining the rise of a Plurinational State with Autonomies in 21st Century Bolivia’ (2016),in: Handbook of Research on Comparative Politics and Reformation in Local Governments, IGI Global.

From Exclusion to Segmentation: Democratic Institutions and Interethnic Relations in the Bolivian Socio-political Juncture’(2008), in: Constituent Assembly: Indigenous Hegemony or Interculturality?, La Paz: FES-ILDIS.


Journal articles and working papers

With Daniel Agramont (2018), ­‘The growing Chinese presence in Latin America and its (Geo)political manifestations in Bolivia’ (2018), LSE Global South Unit: Working Paper Series, No 2/2018.

With Arugay, A., Competing Regionalisms: ‘The role of International Organizations in the Bolivian Constituent Assembly Process’ (2013),Rule of Law Papers: Working Paper, International IDEA.

Public deliberation towards a new Political Organizations Law’(2013), Andamios – Political Analysis Journal, UNDP-Bolivia.

‘Geopolitical Causes and Consequences of the Gap between Legality and Legitimacy in Bolivia: The case of the Violence in Pando, September 2008’ (2010), Working Paper, FES-Colombia, Regional Project on Cooperation for Security.