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Symposium:"Los desafíos de Chile: democracia y desigualdad"- on February 13, 2018

News from Jan 29, 2018

We would like to invite you to the Symposium 'Los desafíos de Chile: democracia y desigualdad' on February 13, 2018 which will open a dialogue on the analysis of public protest, social movements, social coexistence and democracy in contemporary Chile.

The first discussion table will be composed by:

-Dra. Andrea Catalina Silva Tapia, Sociologist at the Humboldt University. Lecturer at the Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany. The topic of her presentation will be: 'La ciudadanía etnitizada de los Mapuches en Chile como ciudadanía ilegítima'.

-Dr. rer. pol. Bettina Schorr, trAndeS, Postgraduate Program on Sustainable Development and Social Inequalities in the Andean Region. She will talk about: 'Oportunidades desiguales: empresas y estado en conflictos sobre minería en Chile'.

Diego González, doctoral student in history at the LAI (Freie Universität Berlin), will present: '¿Una democracia orgánica? Nociones y problemas del pensamiento católico en Chile en la década de 1930'.

Finally, Dr. Hernán Cuevas Valenzuela, President of the International Institute for Philosophy and Social Studies (IIPSS) and Professor of Political Science at the University of Concepción will talk about his recent research about citizenship in Chile in his presentation titled “Democracia, ciudadanía y neoliberalismo en Chile”.


Iberoamerikanisches Institut (IAI)

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