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New publication: "Growth, Inequality and the Challenge for Sustainabilty", edited by Gerardo Damonte, Bettina Schorr and Iván Velásquez

Crecimiento, desigualdad y los retos para la sostenibilidad
Growth, Inequality and the Callenges for Sustainability

News from Dec 17, 2018

New trAndeS book in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Bolivia:

"Growth, Inequality and the Challenges for Sustainability In a Post-boom Scenario in the Andean Region"

"Crecimiento, Desigualdad y los Retos de la Sostenibilidad en un Escenario Post-boom en la Región Andina"


Edited by

Gerardo Damonte (Executive comité of trAndeS, PUCP)

Bettina Schorr (Academic director of trAndeS, FU Berlin)

Iván Velásquez-Castellanos (trAndeS network, Coordinator KAS Bolivia).



Progress in terms of human development, i.e. The improvement of education, health and economic income indicators has been extremely slow in the countries of the Andean region. However, in the last two decades (since the beginning of the year 2000) the region experienced an economic boom phase resulting from a boom in the prices of raw materials (minerals, gas, oil, agro-industrial products, among others) in the global market. Contrasting this encouraging development, the countries of the Andean region continue to face enormous challenges in terms of human development, especially when including the environmental, social and economic variable sustainability: (therefore: talking about sustainable development). In addition, given that the prices for some export raw materials decreased considerably in the global market, ending the economic boom of the last decades, the region is confronted with new challenges for sustainability. The articles in this edition focus on the economic and social legacies of the last boom of raw materials in the region, specifically in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. They focus in particular on three questions related to the impact of persistent social inequalities, the current moment of the post-boom phase on the dynamics of poverty and social mobility in the Andean region.

The book chapters were written by:
Marco Just Quiles
Mercy Orellana Bravo, Rodrigo Mendieta Muñoz and Nelson Tapia Olvera
Pablo Evia
Nelson Chacón and Horacio Valencia
Horacio Vera Cossio and Marcelo Gantier Mita
Laura Alvarez Huwiler
Carmen Rosa Marull Maita
Julio Humérez Quiroz
Iván Velásquez-Castellanos and Ludwing Torres Carrasco
Daniel E. Moreno Morales

The book is available in Spanish and English.