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trAndeS I Course

The trAndeS I course introduces the general trAndeS theme: the relation between social inequalities and sustainable development. In particular, the students will learn how social inequalities influence the possibilities for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. 

The course is divided into 3 units:

  • An introduction to the concept of interdependent inequalities and to the theoretical debate about its reproduction.
  • An introduction to the concept of sustainable development and its history in United Nations organization until the ratification of the 17 SDGs. This unit includes a critical reflection about the concept of sustainable development.
  • The relationship between social inequalities and sustainable development including presentations of selected empirical case studies from the Andean region. 

Learning objectives

The goals for the course are to:

  • master the concepts of sustainable development and interdependent inequalities
  • analyze social and environmental problems applying both concepts
  • familiarize themselves with some of the principal problems about sustainable development and social inequalities in the Andean region
  • be prepared for the second mandatory course trAndeS II


The course will be held by professors of both PUCP and FU Berlin in various disciplines  as well as by visiting associated researchers of trAndeS.

The course syllabus (in Spanish) is available here.