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trAndeS II Course

TRANDES II - The Andean Region: Social Inequalities and Sustainable Development

This course focuses on the Andean region. It has two objectives: first, it aims to present the basic characteristics of the Andean region with respect to its history, geography, climate, culture and politics. The second objective is to provide students with an overview of the most important challenges facing the Andean region today in terms of sustainable development and reduction of inequalities.

The question that guides the course is: what makes the Andean region a region? To explore answers to this question, the historical, social, political, economic and environmental processes that link and characterize Andean societies will be explored. These foundations will be contrasted with the socio-environmental challenges we face in common, such as food security, the need for sustainable managed cities, and equality in access to natural resources. These challenges, in short, are posed in terms of the link between social inequalities and sustainable development.

The course is divided into 3 units.

  1. Fundamentals of the Andean region: what is it? What unites us? A multidisciplinary exploration of the processes and knowledge that allow us to refer to the Andean countries as a region and that provides knowledge about the culture, politics, geography, history and climate of the region
  2. Social inequalities in the Andean region: intersectionality, permanence, and deepening of gaps
  3. The challenges for a sustainable future: societies that adapt to climate change, transformations for subsistence, healthy ecosystems

Learning objectives

The goals for the course are to enable you to do the following.

 Understand the historical, political, economic, social and environmental characteristics of the Andean region

  • Incorporate a perspective of regional analysis when discussing inequalities and sustainability

  •  Identify the dynamics through which social inequalities in the Andean region are presented and perpetuated
  • Identify which are the main environmental challenges that Andean societies face


The course will be taught by professors of both PUCP and FU Berlin in various disciplines as well as by visiting associated researchers of trAndeS.

The course syllabus (in Spanish) is available here.