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UNRISD Conference "Overcoming Inequalities in a Fractured World: Between Elite Power and Social Mobilization"

Nov 08, 2018 - Nov 09, 2018
UNRISD Conference

UNRISD Conference

Members of trAndeS participate in the UNRISD conference with the theme "Latin American Studies in a Globalized World" on November 8 and November 9 in Geneva.

In the following, a list of the panels with contribution by members of trAndeS:

Julián Cárdenas, FU Berlin

Panel: Networks of Power in a Fractured World: The Role and Influence of Elites

Presentation: The Role of Business Elite Networks and Media Capture in the Success of Failure of Redistributive Political Projects

(November 8, 14:00)

Diego Geng, PUCP

Panel: Between Climate Justice and Social Exclusion: Towards an Eco-Social Approach

Presentation: Desigualdades en la Gobernanza del Agua en un Contexto de Extractivismo Minero: El Caso de la Cuenca Alta Río Locumba (Tacna, Perú)

(November 9, 10:30)

Bettina Schorr, FU Berlin

Panel: Towards Transformative Public Policy: Undermining Elite Power through Local Collaboration and Social Mobilization

Presentation: Regulation the Regulators: Tracing the Emergence of the Political Transparency Laws in Chile

(November 9, 13:30)