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The trAndeS Trans-Andean Network of Sustainability operates in five areas:

1. Student exchange between network universities

trAndeS will promote an exchange with universities which are dedicated to the investigation of sustainable development in the Andean region, so that MA and Ph.D. students can participate in the activities and the postgraduate certificate program offered by trAndeS.

The objective is to spread the contents of the postgraduate program, especially at the regional level, and to have an impact on the formation of young researchers.

2. Exchange with non-university institutions

trAndeS will promote an exchange about topics related to inequalities and sustainable development between academia with important actors in government, business and civil society in the Andean region as well as in Germany.

The objective is to spread the results of the trAndeS research and complete it with the experience and knowledge of other research institutions and other social sectors involved in the practice.

3. Exchange between researchers

trAndeS will strengthen the exchange between researchers from different disciplines which work topics related to the relationship between inequalities and sustainable development goals in the Andean region.

Particularly, the network will provide a space for events such as conferences, joint publications and workshops and other initiatives such as sharing information about grant opportunities.

Please visit this site to see the lists of associated researchers.

4. Exchange with other networks

The trAndeS Network of Sustainability will promote the exchange with other networks in the Andean region related to the SDGs. By integrating with other networks, trAndeS will contribute to the development of a focus on the role of inequalities in sustainable development in the region and have access to broader arenas to disseminate its information.

5. Sustainable Campus

Sustainability represents an important focal point in the teaching, the research and the management at the FU Berlin as well as the PUCP.

trAndeS will work to strengthen the relationships between researchers and agencies working on sustainable campus issues at FU Berlin, PUCP and other universities around the world to exchange experiences and generate joint initiatives that promote sustainability within university campuses. The core of this exchange is the University Alliance for Sustainability at FU Berlin.