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Teresa-Laura-Maria Bornschlegl

My research focuses on the environmental governance of extractive industries, and corresponding political economies. More specifically, I am interested in the question whether, and how progressive uses of law and legal institutions can potentially help to abate environmental and climate injustices across the globe. I hold a MSc in Human Ecology from Lund University (Sweden), and a PhD in Geography from Clark University (USA). I live and work mostly in the Americas, and in Europe.

This research project asks what challenges and opportunities arise from the use of geospatial technologies for the environmental oversight of extractive industries. It asks whether, and how the use of geospatial technologies helps environmental agencies to improve their control over extractive industries, and under what conditions data visualizations and maps of environmental impacts help to influence the decision-making about resource extraction in a way that would improve the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).