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Diego Diaz Rioseco


Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC)

School of Government

Assistant Professor



2016 Ph.D. Political Science, Brown University.

2012 MA Political Science, Brown University.

2008 MA Political Science, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

2006 BA Political Science, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Honors and Grants

Fondecyt Iniciación (ANID, Chile)- Project 11190953: “Fiscal Sources of Democracy”, Principal Investigator, 2019-2021.

Fondecyt (CONCYTEC, Perú) - Project PICS-2-F1-010-21: “Lithium-based Regional Development”, Co-investigator. 2021-2022.

REPAL, Award for the Best Graduate Student Paper, 2016.

Fullbright Commission, Fullbright Conicyt Scholarship to pursue doctoral studies, 2010-2014.

PUC, Scholarship to pursue master studies awarded to the first selected student of the program, 2007.

PUC, Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Studies granted to the best student of the class, 2005.

Political Institutions: Democracy and Development (PUC - undergraduate level)

Introduction to Public Policy (PUC - undergraduate level)

The Politics of Public Policy (PUC - graduate level)

Graduation Project (PUC - graduate level)

Decentralization and Subnational Politics; Political Institutions; Political Economy; Politics of Public Policy

[1] “Do Fiscal Transfers Affect Local Democracy: Lessons from Chilean Municipalities” (with Carla Alberti and Ignacio Riveros). Latin American Politics and Society, forthcoming.

[2] “Fiscal Origins of Subnational Democracy: Evidence from Argentina” (with Carla Alberti). 2023. Politics & Society.

[3] “Can Political Alignment Reduce Crime? Evidence from Chile” (with Carla Alberti and Giancarlo Visconti). 2023. Political Science Research and Methods, 11(2), 223-236.

[4] “Medium-run Local Economic Effects of a Major Earthquake” (with Paula Aguirre, Kenzo Asahi, Ignacio Riveros and Rodrigo Valdés). 2023. Journal of Economic Geography, 23(2), 277-297.

[5]“Gendered Bureaucracies: Women Mayors and the Size and Composition of Local Governments” (with Carla Alberti and Giancarlo Visconti). 2022. Governance, 35(3), 757-776.

[6] “Unconditional Transfers Are Not Oil: The Economic Foundations of Subnational Undemocratic Regime Reproduction” (with Agustina Giraudy). 2021. Bulletin of Latin American Research, 40(5), 730-749.

[7] “Blessing and Curse: Oil and Subnational Politics in the Argentine Provinces.” 2016. Comparative Political Studies, 49(14), 1930-1964.

[8] “Why Do States Adopt Inefficient Institutions? Explaining the Emergence of the International Anticorruption Regime”. 2013. Revista de Gestión Pública, 2(2), 439-462

[9] “El Secreto de mi Éxito: Seis Caminos para llegar y permanecer en Valparaíso”(junto a Juan Pablo Luna, Pilar Giannini, and Rodrigo Núñez). 2006. Revista de Ciencia Política, 26(1), 169-190.