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Dr. Paul Talcott

Freie Universität Berlin

programa trAndeS

Programa de Posgrado en Desarrollo Sostenible y Desigualdades Sociales en la Región Andina

Oficial del programa

Boltzmannstr. 1
14195 Berlin
Correo electrónico


FU Berlin, Japan Seminar, Advanced Research Fellow


Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Visiting Research Fellow


Emory University, Department of Political Science, Assistant Professor


University of Tokyo, Institute for Social Science, Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Harvard University, Program on U.S.-Japan Relations, Postdoctoral Fellow


Harvard University, Department of Government, Ph.D.

SS 2011

Social Policy in Japan / FU Berlin, Japan Seminar

WS 2010/11

Public Policy in Japan / FU Berlin, Japan Seminar

WS 2009/10

The Politics of Elderly Policy in Japan / FU Berlin, Japan Seminar

WS 2008/9

Methods in Japanese Studies / FU Berlin, Japan Seminar

WS 2008/9

Translation Workshop, Demographic Change in Japan /  FU Berlin, Japan Seminar


Graduate and Undergraduate Courses in Comparative Politics, Public Policy, Health Policy, and East Asian Politics / Emory University, Atlanta, USA

Selected Publications

with Koichi Kawabuchi: Getting Vaccine Policy Right: A global-standard comprehensive policy for Japan, Shakai Hoken Junpo (Social Insurance News) 2413-2414 (February 1, February 11, 2010), 14-20, 20-27 (in Japanese).

Political Parties and the Aging Society, in: Florian Coulmas (ed.): The Demographic Challenge. A Handbook about Japan, 2008.

The Politics of Japan's Long Term Care Insurance System, in: Harald Conrad and Ralph Luetzeler (eds.): Aging and Social Policy. A German-Japanese Comparison, Munich 2003, Iudicium, 89-121.


Selected Presentations

The Regionalization of Japanese Health Care Policy, Nissan Seminar, St. Antony's College, Oxford University, May 2012.

Japanese Health Policy in a Regional Perspective,Risk in East Asia RTG, Duisburg University, December 2011

Roundtable on East Asian Studies (Chair), New Research Trends in Contemporary Asian Studies, Institute of Asian Affairs, Berlin, May 2006.