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Nueva publicación de trAndeS: "The Global Knowledge Value Chain on Sustainability: Addressing Fragmentations through International Academic Partnerships"

Noticias de 13.09.2021

Nueva publicación de trAndeS

Schorr, B.; Braig, M.; Fritz, B.; Schütt, B. The Global Knowledge Value Chain on Sustainability: Addressing Fragmentations through International Academic Partnerships. Sustainability 2021, 13, 9930. https://doi.org/10.3390/su13179930

Published in Sustainability as part of the Special Issue The Role of Higher Education Institutions for Sustainability.


While research on universities’ role in sustainability transitions has flourished in recent years, explorations into the potential of academic internationalization for the promotion of sustainability transitions are still rare. This article aims at contributing to this incipient literature by emphasizing an underexplored property of international academic networks and transnational academic cooperation: their potential to break disciplinary and geographical barriers in the global debates on how transitions towards sustainability can be achieved. When realizing this potential, international partnerships are able to provide more comprehensive knowledge to inform sustainability transitions while shaping sustainability transitions in various places at the same time. This article pursues three objectives: First, it introduces the concept of the “global knowledge value chain on sustainability” and explores its value as a heuristic to understand global knowledge production relevant for sustainability transitions. Furthermore, it identifies two fragmentations in this chain resulting from global inequalities and specific dynamics within the global science community. Second, it confirms empirically the fragmentations of this global knowledge value chain on sustainability. Third, it provides good practice ideas on how international academic partnerships can overcome these fragmentations by drawing on the authors’ experience with the international partnership “trAndeS—Postgraduate Program on Social Inequalities and Sustainable Development in the Andean Region” carried out by the Institute of Latin American Studies of Freie Universität Berlin and the Department of Social Sciences of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru (PUCP).