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Nueva publicación de Maritza Paredes (PUCP): One industry, different conflicts: A typology of mining mobilization

Noticias de 17.03.2022

Maritza Paredes publicó un artículo con el tema conflictos y movilización en el sector minero en la revista The Extractive Industries and Society.

Paredes, M. "One industry, different conflicts: A typology of mining mobilization", en
Extractive Industries and Society, volume 9, March 2022, 101052.



  • The paper analyzes the diversity of mining conflicts.
  • Develops a multidimensional matrix typology.
  • Conceptualizes four types of conflicts: resistance, negotiation, subordination, and dependency.
  • Looking at a database of 49 case studies of mining conflicts in Latin America, the typology shows that different combinations of claims and repertoires of contention can advocate for different policy outcomes and relations with the state and mining companies.