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DAAD Conference „Internationalisation and Diversity in Higher Education: Running on Autopilot?“ 09-10.02.23

Noticias de 06.02.2023

Equal opportunities and diversity are elementary building blocks for shaping the higher education, research, and society of the future. In line with this vision, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has defined the increase of diversity and equal opportunities in higher education internationalisation as one goal in its Diversity Agenda. This goal can only be achieved in cooperation with you all key actors.

For this reason, the DAAD organizes a virtual conference "Internationalisation and Diversity in Higher Education: Running on autopilot?" on 09/10 February 2023.  With this event, the DAAD would like to identify key factors and share ideas for possible approaches to make international mobility more accessible to underrepresented groups. Moreover, the DAAD  would like to discuss and demonstrate how international cooperation can strengthen diversity and inclusion in higher education, research, and society.

Please, feel free to inform partner institutions, experts, or other interested parties about the conference. It would also be of great value, if you could forward the information to interested colleagues within your institutions as well as to students.