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Seminario Web: "Comparative empirical research on mining conflicts in Latin America"

Noticias de 17.08.2020

Ponente: Bettina Schorr, directora académica trAndeS

Organizado por: TU Freiberg, Eine-Welt-Fachpromotor Sachsen y SEBIT

Hora: 15:00 - 16:30 (UTC+02)

Descripción del evento: 

While mining has led to a significant increase in public revenues in Latin America during the latest boom period, it has also provoked all over the continent community protests and mobilizations. Some observers assume that conflicts over mining constitute currently the most salient type of conflict in the region. The specific reasons for these protests are various, as are their dynamics and their outcomes.

The presentation will provide an overview over the dimension of current community protests over mining in Latin America. In particular, it will explore their specific causes, dynamics and outcomes and ask how governments and corporate actors have reacted to them.

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